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GROW YOUR OWN FOOD - How To Get Started

Helen Pitel gave a fabulous and very practical introduction to growing your own food at a talk organised by Nailsworth Climate Action Network on 12th March 2020 at The Arkell Centre in Nailsworth. 

For a write-up of the talk please go to the link > Helen Pitel Talk Write-up

Thank you Helen, everyone present was inspired to get out and do more to grow their own veg.

Welcome to NailsworthCAN, we're a community group dedicated to action on climate change for people who want to make positive choices for our planet. We’d like to get to know more of you in our community, share our upcoming projects and ideas with you and learn all about yours too. We know Nailsworth CAN make a difference and we hope you’ll join us. 

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Monthly meetings are cancelled until further notice, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

But PLEASE continue to follow us on Instagram @nailsworthclimateactionnetwork for more stories and ideas for positive action on climate change.

  • Carbon Pledges

    There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint - click image to go to My Carbon Footprint, then click on NailsworthCAN Carbon Pledges Sheet; a double-sided A4 sheet you can use for yourself and others. We can do this!

  • Buildings

    We are interested in exploring ways to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and new build, and to assist in activities that will implement good practice, working with community groups, local businesses and expertise in our locality.

  • Transport

    We want to promote dialogue within the community on how to reduce the level of car use in the town, despite often limited public transport.   

  • Community Energy

    We are keen to explore how public buildings, businesses and community groups, can develop local community energy schemes. There are good examples of domestic and local businesses who have had great success with renewables.

  • Efficiency

    With all the devices in one's house or business - especially larger ones like fridges - greater efficiency can bring great benefits in energy security, bills and demand on the grid.

Learning from Others
We know that all the solutions needed to address climate change have already been implemented somewhere, and often it is simply a question of going out and finding out what has been done elsewhere and making it happen in our town.

This is a picture of a group of us that visited EcoTown Bicester - a leading edge development that has won many awards - to receive a briefing on what they have done, and lessons they have learned.

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