Our Charter

This charter establishes the principles, aims and objectives of the Nailsworth Climate Action Town (NCAT) Group, which are stated below.

The context for the group has been set by The Paris Agreement (http://unfccc.int/paris_agreement/items/9485.php), an historic and unanimous agreement of nations, including the UK, in Paris in December 2015. We endorse The Paris Agreement the Paris Pledge (http://www.parispledgeforaction.org) which states:

“As cities, regions, businesses, investors, civil society groups, trade unions and other signatories, coming from every sector of society and every corner of the world, we realize that dangerous climate change threatens our ability and the ability of future generations to live and thrive in a peaceful and prosperous world. We also realise that taking strong action to reduce emissions can not only reduce the risks of climate change but also deliver better growth and sustainable development. As a result, we the undersigned, affirm our strong commitment to a safe and stable climate in which temperature rise is limited to under 2 degrees Celsius.”

The primary aim of the NCAT Group is to be community led and relevant to the citizens of the Nailsworth area, to the homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces we live and work in.
We acknowledge that:
  • The scientific evidence for global warming resulting from human activities is now incontrovertible;
  • The risks for vulnerable communities, our collective security and the economy will become increasingly serious without prompt and radical actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Our guiding principles are to promote:
  • A community-based group;
  • Local ownership of the group and its activities;
  • Openness to anyone who supports this Charter;
  • Practical and meaningful actions, in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces;
  • Making effective use of the skills and talents of the local community;
  • Collaborating with local or wider initiatives where appropriate.
Our collectively agreed actions will be ones that:
  • Will engage and inform the community about the need for action;
  • Enables a reduction in our individual and town’s carbon footprint;
  • Will improve our ability to cope with the impacts of global warming.
We will endeavour to monitor and publicise our actions and their outcomes, to help build a growing awareness of the benefits of positive and meaningful action, but also to build a groundswell of support for prompt and substantial action at the local, regional and national level.

(NCAT's full Constitution can be found in the section Resources & Links)

(c) Nailsworth Climate Action Town
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