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This little shopping bag is very special. By buying it you are not  using plastic and are supporting actions in Nailsworth to tackle climate change.  The logo was designed by Violet Stokes a Nailsworth Primary School pupil and she was chosen by Nailsworth residents in a schools’ competition.  The money raised by this little Bag will help fund NCAT’s educational and renewable energy projects. 

So please give the Planet a bit of help today and buy this little Bag, for just £5.

For more information contact: 
Sally Thorpe, NCAT Chair, 07776174855
Richard Erskine, NCAT Secretary, 0779934382

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The Great Nailsworth Carbon Challenge was a truly a great event held today, 23rd June.Very pleased that our MP, David Drew, came by, showing great interest. 

            Sally Thorpe (NCAT Chair), David Drew MP. Hannah McDonnell (NCAT Communications), Richard Erskine (NCAT Secretary)

The Great Nailsworth Carbon Challenge workshop was a truly a great event held on 23rd June 2018. Here are a some photos of the day. Very pleased that our MP, David Drew, came by, showing great interest. 

 In addition to the great contributions of the NCAT team (you know who you are!), the committee were very grateful to those who came to support NCAT with their time & talents including Caroline Saturley (Canteen vegan & vegetarian food), Tim Martel (Energy / Heating Consultant), Claudi Williams (Living Plastic Free), Justine Mallinson (Warm & Well/ SWEA), Graham Stemp (Brutons), Alison Vickery (Environmental Art Exhibition), Steve Robinson (on behalf of Youth Club), Yvonne Gilbert (running the raffle), Alex Parker & Ursy Reynolds (Oceans & Plastics), Nailsworth Primary School and Acron School for Logo Competition entries (Andrea, thanks for helping with the art activities). Stalls/activities run by NCAT members included, Kat Parker running the children's art activities; Sue Reed's 'Bee Friendly Gardens' stall; Hannah McDonnell helping with catering; Daphne Tomlinson's 'Pledge Tree' and Marilyn Erskine on the Reception Desk. And to all other friends & family who all mucked in to setup and run the event. Thanks to all.

 More photos on our Facebook page Nailsworth Climate Action Town

[David Drew MP second from right, with members of NCAT Committee: Hannah McDonnell, Richard Erskine and Sally Thorpe]

David Drew MP attended a meeting hosted by Nailsworth Climate Action Town (NCAT) group to discuss how the town can reduce its carbon footprint. Topics discussed included: community energy schemes; farming practices; public transport and buildings.

There was an excellent turnout and a lot of questions were raised and discussed during the meeting.

Richard Lupo, a sustainability consultant, has calculated that Nailsworth will need to reduce its carbon footprint from its 1990 level of 34,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, to 14,000 by 2050, if it is to meet the Government’s targets.

David Drew believes we need better planning to address issues such as electricity generation, transport, housing and land-use, but also to recognise the opportunity for employment that comes with a transition to a low carbon future.

Attendees felt that we can all play a role by looking at our consumption. NCAT is keen to work with any community groups, and other associations, willing to explore practical steps. David Drew’s wise words that concluded the meeting was to start with a few simple steps, demonstrate success, then build on that success.

David Drew shared some responses he had prepared, with the help of House of Commons officials, which were in response to questions raised ahead of the meeting by NCAT. 

These documents are Available Here with the kind permission of David Drew. 

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