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Footpaths is a grass roots community-based scheme, pioneered in the UK by Transition Leicester, providing a structured programme of activities to set personal goals and reduce our carbon footprint. It enables trained leaders to share knowledge on the practical steps involved, supported by a work book.

Project Drawdown Solutions is a very well researched global initiative to identify solutions to ways to 'drawdown' carbon that can be implemented at domestic, local or regional levels. The solutions either reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, or help in sequestering them from the atmosphere. 

Zero Carbon Britain is the flagship research project from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), showing that a modern, zero-emissions society in the UK is possible using technology available today.

Summary presentation of Zero Carbon Britain report by NCAT Secretary, Dr Richard Erskine HERE


Global Weirding Series by Dr Katharine Hayoe, one of the world's best communicators on climate change, provides bite-sized informative videos (typically 10 mins of less for each). These cover causes, consequences and solutions.

Footprint Futures The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from CAT.

Energy Cards showing key data for different kinds of energy sources (courtesy of CAT).

Food Cards that detail the carbon and dietary data on different types of food (courtesy of Scientists for Global Responsibility). 


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