What we've done

Our group has engaged in a number of activities since we formed in 2016.  Our activities centre on a number of themes including buildings, energy and transport:

Energy - we ran a stall in Nailsworth Farmers Market to discuss domestic energy, covering topics such as insulation, energy suppliers and domestic solar PV. We brought along some thermal imaging that had been done with some (volunteered)  houses in Nailsworth, to show how much energy is lost from typical dwellings.

Transport - we held another stall on the topic of transport, to discuss different ways to reduce the intensity of car use in Nailsworth, which due in part to our local geography, is quite high. A wide range of ideas were forthcoming from local citizens, and we discussed how to improve local bus services, car sharing schemes, cycling and cycleways, electric cars (EVs), and more.. We provided an electric bike on hand to demonstrate another alternative that is beginning to be adopted. It is not just the reduced carbon footprint, but the improvements in air quality and health that can result from reducing car use.

Buildings - NCAT commissioned Sarah Ratcliffe (Programme Director of the Better Buildings Partnership) to give a talk on “Better Buildings - a sustainable future for our community” at the Arkell Centre which was attended by local citizens, Councillors, architects, and energy consultants. The aim of this talk was to try to reduce the misunderstandings in achieving sustainable buildings and promote a more joined-up approach through the full life cycle through conception, design construction, commissioning and operation of buildings.

Education - in order to help those perhaps a little overwhelmed by the topic, Dr Richard Erskine (NCAT Secretary) gave a talk (with an accompanying exhibition) at Nailsworth Library on “Demystifying Global Warming & Its Implications”. A talk he will be happy to give again to any local organisation or group interested in learning more. Richard has also developed a series of ‘Climate Fluency’ Workshops, run in February 2017 in Stroud under the auspices of Transition Stroud. These will be made available on-line in Spring 2017 for wider availability, but can also be re-run if a suitable audience and venue comes forward.

We have plans to develop these and other themes, through local engagement and specific projects.

We hope that those with an interest in support our aims will get in touch to further develop this engagement and explore new projects.

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